Parenting with Chronic Illness.

The journey has been long.

I am emotionally drained and stressed most days.

Trying to achieve an unattainable balance that considers the well being of both my son and I.

Parenting on my own without the emotional or financial help of the other absent parent.

My earliest memories of parenting consisted of me feeling uncertain of myself.

I had little confidence in my abilities. I was afraid. I didn’t know I was capable of much, let alone providing care for a whole child.

But I have grown through enduring hardship. I know I am capable.

I have no support system. I feel compelled to do it all and be it all.

I thought if I was present and made my child a priority. I wouldn’t find myself drowning in tears.

But I have learned that changes are inevitable in spite of my presence and attempts to provide a great and wonderful life for my child and I is an ongoing climb.

He has autism. I experience an autoimmune disease.

But my hope will never die.
My heart will never fail.

I will help others and devote my life to sharing the meaning of wellness with the world.


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