Emotional Wellness and Lupus.

This is an area of concern for many people living with Lupus. The challenges that accompany chronic illness are significant as one adapts to life’s new demands. It is difficult to maintain an emotional balance while experiencing an increasing level of distress. There are new factors requiring your attention and you either learn to adjust or find yourself stuck mentally. Here, I present three key points that I believe are beneficial to staying emotionally well while living with Lupus.

Having a good support system helps one to maintain a positive perspective while experiencing illness. It is valuable to have people you love and trust actively participate in your care. This provides a sense of security and comfort during times of stress. Love, acceptance, and consistency are key in helping a person combat exhausting and desolated moments.

Self-care is a healing component that provides relaxation and renewal for the mind, body, and spirit. The presence of continued self-care assists in maintaining a sense of confidence and healthy body image.

It is important that we are mindful of our interests. The things that make us smile, they matter. Those times of laughter and joy, they matter too and should be experienced as much as possible. Practicing self-care helps one to build mentally and spiritually so when difficult times arrive, endurance is obtainable.

Connecting to purpose is an uplifting journey that has a positive effect on those living with chronic illness. Connecting to purpose involves immersing oneself into an area of interest. The ability to pour into what is meaningful in some small way is captivating. It provides a focus outside of the troubles associated with chronic illness.

We are capable beings and when we extend ourselves, it reflects this truth. Always remember to take it a moment at a time and breathe in the present. Your emotional wellness is significant and begins with you.

3 thoughts on “Emotional Wellness and Lupus.

  1. I’ve struggled (if I’m honest, am struggling) with purpose from being ill. Being unable to work in the medical field takes away the challenge and connection of caring for others I’ve always identified with, and feeling like sh*t at home is isolating so the support system took a hit too.

    When my friends roll their eyes (or send the text equivalent) because I can’t do something or say they wish they could just stay at home, it kills me.

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    1. I know that is difficult for you. The adjustment is indescribable and suddenly you find yourself in a different light or darkness. Depending on how you respond to the changes. It is a new chapter in your life and the right people will have more consideration for what you are experiencing. Please do not allow your condition to keep you from sharing your gifts and passions with the world. You are human and you are not less because of your condition. I hope you find within you a light to redefine your life. ♡

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